Longhand printing: My choice

There is a moment in my personal life timeline when I chose to print in longhand rather than write in cursive. I have input into my synaptic way-back machine my request for the day when that happened. I can see the Nixie lights blinking, so eventually a glowing image of the day when I began longhand printing will appear, and I shall be able to describe it here. But not yet.

I know it was a very long time ago, and probably has something to do with my two early passions for professions. I wanted to be an electrical engineer, and I wanted to be an architect. Both of those professions need the practitioner to be able to write clearly, and I remember one of the live-in students at Taliesin West telling me that I must “have a good hand” if I wanted to intern there, which I did want to do.

Although I did not have the financial power to intern at Taliesin West, I was employed many times as a draftsman, and often got compliments on “my hand”. I believe that boosted my self-esteem quite a bit, and I am grateful that I have continued to practice what, for me, has become an art form. My children tell me that they love looking at things I have longhand printed, and they always know when a written item has been done by me because of my distinctive style.

I bring this up today because I am experiencing a strong push to get a memoir (the memoir is the genre of writing that I have chosen to pursue) written and published. I want to make my writing as powerful as possible, and so I shall write all my drafts using longhand printing to get my self on paper.

Not Before Noon

No matter what time zone I am in, I have discovered that my life attains a natural nurturing rhythm when I choose to take no external actions before noon. The time before noon is spent in personal preparation for the day in my home or where I happen to be on that day. Perhaps I shall have car window stickers made with the slogan “Not Before Noon”. Or perhaps I shall get a new visible tattoo of “Not Before Noon”, to encourage me to integrate the behavior into my RL. Namaste to all 🙂

My Test Of

My Test Of Byword Upload To My Pripensi Blog
Ok then I shall now create some sentences to define various “things” that have elements I want to use in my writing such as underlines, links, bolded text and quoted text, both double “quotes” and single ‘quotes’ to find out what Byword will do with them upon export. I have no idea what will happen, and I don’t know how to tell Byword to do some of the things that I want it to do. Ok I see the word count below and that is new for me and I like that it is so easily found, thanks Byword. Now to find out how to underline. Aha, I found out how to bold, but not yet underline. I just enabled typewriter mode but I do not know what that means. Hmmmm, perhaps I shall learn, oh yeah wait, I see this is the mode where the cursor stays in the middle of the page, I think, or maybe not, I cannot tell yet because I need to type more words to get more lines and then yes, I see the text moving up, so yes. Ok now to find out how to underline. Command U did not work. Command shift U did not work. I will read the manual and find out how to do it for next time.
All done now.